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Lori Vaught - Online Memorial Website

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Lori Vaught
Born in Delaware
64 years
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We do not die because we have to die, we die because one day, and not so long ago, our consciousness was forced to deem it necessary. Antonin Artaud

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Lori Vaught, born in Delaware on Saturday, July 13, 1946  and passed away surrounded by Family on Friday, July 30, 2010.   Lori is survived by her two Daughters, Carol Ann Park  and Tracey Lynn Mealer, two grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Also survived by her Sisters, Shirley Fusco, Doris Nickerson, Jeanie Warden, Barbara Minner and Darlene Knight, also her Brothers, Allen "Butch" Gommer and John Gray.

Lori is also survived by her beloved furry companion "Amber". Lori, you will live forever in our Hearts & Memories.


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You'll find theres a Family of Friends living here,

A small group of minds and of hearts;

With some of us clever and some of us not,

At times you can't tell us apart.

Theres one who is cranky and one who is shy,

And one who is really uncouth,

And just when you think you've discovered who's who,

You'll really uncover the truth.


The truth that we're all just a little of each,

A group of imperfects are we.

And sometimes I might criticize them to you,

But, dont' ever knock them to me.

'Cause the one thing that ties us together for life

No matter how far we're apart,

Is Love for each other a Family of Friends,

A small group of minds and of hearts.

"A Beautiful Life "

A Beautiful Life that came to an End,

She died as she lived, Everyones Friend.

In our Hearts a Memory will always be kept,

of the one we loved and will never forget.

I Just Can't Believe You're Really Gone ...

It seems so unfair to lose Lori, she was loving and generous to her family and friends. She was a wonderful Mother to myself, Carol Ann and my sister Tracey.  Her sister Barbara was her Rock and we can never be grateful enough for all she did for Mom.

I'm also so thankful that Mother had her loving sisters around her when she passed. We'll always feel a void but Lori is with her husband, David now and I pray they're having a party with Grandmom!

You Will Be So Missed ...

Nothing will ever be the same without you Mom! You were everything to me, my only parent and my best friend. We shared so much and talked almost every day,

I will SO miss talking with you.

I keep feeling the need to call you and tell you all thats been going on.

I'll especially miss our holidays and your cooking.

The way you looked at your kids with such love and pride in your eyes!

It hurts so much to lose you.

Cherished Memories Will Keep Us Close ...

We are all going to miss you so much, especially your sense of humor.

We'll Cherish each and every Memory we have of you!

I'll always remember your beautiful smile and your loving eyes!

Kiss Grandmom for me and give Larry a kick in the butt too.

Love & Prayers Mom till we'll see each other again!

Be sure to check the Audio/Video page for a special Family Video!!


Thanks so much to Everyone for your Prayers & Condolences!


Damn It Man!

We Really Lost One of a Kind!

~ Lori is Resting with David now ~






Lorraine  "Lori"  Vaught

7/13/46  7/30/10


Quick Gallery
Mom & Barb Smooch! mom laughing 7/13/46 - 7/30/10 Lori Vaught Lori at Arners Mother & Daughters Fun in the Sun! Gebhart Funeral Home I didnt want to go ... Love that Laugh! Betsy & Mom Carol & Tracey Jeanie, Lori, Janette Givin' Smooches!
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